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Who to Trust with Your Money

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For any rational person, this is an extremely personal, important question. Money and finances is still a taboo topic, rarely discussed amongst family and around the dinner table. The issue of trust and money is paramount, and should not be taken likely.

The obvious candidates:

When looking for financial advice, there are a few obvious folks who you should seek out, and actually take advice from. The first is quite simple. Seek out a close family member who has actually had success managing and growing their money. Take advice with a grain of salt. Under no circumstances should you take advice from an unsuccessful person. That rich uncle who owns half the real estate in the town? Yes! The penny pinching aunt who is foolhardy and pessimistic? No! As always, consider the source when you seek out information.

The second is- seek out a financial advisor. Always look for a referral, and get this referral from somebody you trust. Meet this advisor. Relax, the first consultation is typically free of charge. It is a meet and greet- you should ask relevant questions about the market, and see what this person’s philosophy is as far as managing money. Does it fit your style, and will you get along. Remember, you must check up on this person. Ask direct questions about their fee structure and how they get paid. Is it fee-based or commission based. What is the schedule? What is the total cost for the year? And, utilize this resource provided by the federal government to get an idea of this person’s background: Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

Pore thru this site with a fine-toothed comb, and get an understand for any complaints levied against the advisor, and what the nature of these complaints are.

Next, do it yourself!

In this day and age, there are so many financial resources out there that you can leverage and use as you try to bone up on your financial knowledge and grow your net worth. Read thru these resources, and consider the information. Many of these sites have podcasts as well. You can hear real, live interviews from successful interviews. A few that come to mind are Tim Ferriss’s blog: The 4-Hour Work Week

This site is ubiquitous with lifestyle design, money, and the acquisition thereof.
It has a wealth of information. Other resources, albeit in a different tack, is Dave Ramsey’s site.
Now, beware, his method of teaching is not for everyone- I mention it to provide juxtaposition for you.

Also, consider other options that are available for you. If you are in extremes regarding cash, you might be well served investigating a car title loan. Most people do not consider this source as a place to find some cash, and as a result, the options and element of flexibility that a loan of this type provides is often overlooked and undeserved. You can find information on this type of loan in your market by jumping on google, or, as always, investigating a referral from a trusted person close to you.

Do keep in mind- regarding your money – nobody will take as good as care, and hold under a watchful eye – as you will. Money and financial security is paramount. Don’t let it slip away.

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